What is Pet Modern?

Pet Modern is a collection of the world's most modern and most unique pieces of pet furniture.


[Catissa is a stunning wall mounted cat tree. It comes in white, black, natural wood and multi-colored. This highly unique piece is constructed and imported from Estonia.]

designer dog houses

[Seoul is an Asian inspired dog house from Designer Dog Houses. It features an extra wide, oriental style cedar roof, wood lap siding and front shutters with Asian hand carvings.]

[Pet Monster is a concept from designer Subinay Malhotra. These ultra modern pet houses come in a variety of bright colors and unique shapes. Hopefully the concept turns in to an actual product one day.]

ultra modern pet houses
cat stairs

[Spiral Staircase by Catswall is perfect for cats who love to climb. Not only does it provide great exercise but it allows them views from the top of the room.]

[Lulu's Hideaway is a futuristic, geometrical cat house created by Danish designers Nene Lendel and Michael Ryding, also known as The Pet Project. This creative cat cave is as unique as it is modern.]

cat cave
modern cat tree

[Tree is a contemporary sculptural wall mounted cat tree by French design group Nekozen. It sports a scratching post and 3 resting platforms. ]

[Benji's Bunk Bed is a modern canine take on the traditional bunk beds. it's produced by modern.PET and can be customized to any color or size.]

dog bunk beds
magnetic pet bed

[Dalmation Daybed, another work of modern.PET,is a magnetic pet bed which not only looks cool but provides therapeutic benefits to elderly dogs and cats as well as those with health issues.]

[The Magis Dog House was created by designer Michael Young for the Italian design label Magis. It's unique whimsical appearance looks like something straight out of a cartoon.]

modern dog furniture
luxury cat furniture

[Catframe is an ultra luxe cat structure designed and manufactured in Switzerland. This virtual cat city houses several caves, resting beds and scratching posts. Catframe was specifically designed for the spoiled cat.]

[The Mini Scoop designed by modern.PET is a stylish little bubble shaped pet bed made of acrylic and plush faux fur. Perfect for smallcats and teacup dogs.] 

modern dog beds
luxury pet furniture

[Piedato by French design group Petsmood is a chic designer bed madefor cats or dogs. It can be customized to  numerous wood colors, cushion colors and sizes.]

[Libratos, another creation by Petsmood, is a unique take on the cat tree. This luxury version is sculpted in the shape of a wall with three lounging beds.]

unique cat furniture
cat wheel

[Catwall's CatWheel is not only a cool piece of cat furniture to look at, but it provides hours of exercise for cats running on the wheel, as well as hours of entertainment to cat owners watching their cat run on it.]

[The contemporary MK Dog House by 555 Custom Designs features sleek modern design, a frosted glass window, a weather resistant galvalume roof, a stained solid wood porch, water bowl platform, and slated walls for airflow. It's still in design phase but hopefully will come to market soon.]

mod doghouse
modern dog furniture

[Umbrella is a modern pet bed by Spanish designers Cool Pet. It's formed soled out of acrylic into a stylish black and white pinwheel design.]

[Apollo by European-based Superfine is a truly extravagant pet pet formed by the union of two steel demi-spheres set upon solid wood, cone legs.]

luxury dog furniture
cool pet beds

[Smuchi cat bed got its name due to the fact that its designed to be in the shape of a hug, according to its manufacturer Smucci Too. This designer cat bed cat customized to virtually any color or design pattern.]

[Catswall's CurvyNest is a unique take on the modern cat tree. Its winding design allows for multiple resting places for cats. And it has a subtle, soothingbounce to it which they love.]

unique pet furniture
stylish cat tower

[Reading Cat by Germany's Wohnblock is a contemporary cat tower with multiple beds built in and equipped with replaceable carpet in a variety of colors to match your decor. Or fill one of the compartments with books creating a modern cat tower/bookcase.]

[This unique winding dog house was the creation of Bunker Arquitectura for the '13 Dogitecture exhibit. Dogitecture was inspired by Architect for Dogs, a project which seeks to reinvent the dog house and merge it with the world of design.]

creative dog house
cardboard cat house

[Scandinavia is a cool cat house designed, ironically, in Russia. It's made entirely of cardboard providing cats not only a home by a scratching structure. Its perfect for small dogs as well.]

{Castagna is a ceramic Hershey kiss shaped dog house designed by Italian design group Italo Bosa. This unique dog den comes in two sizes and is meant for either indoor or outdoor use.]

unique dog furniture
cool dog furniture

[Petcon was a modern dog bed by Korean designer Antz. It sported futuristic silver coned legs, a flower cup frame and the cushion came in four bright colors. Petcon is no longer in production.]

[The Floating Suite is an ultra cool cat bed created by Chiavari for their luxury pet line, Forma Italia. It has a red/white or black/white lacquered frame suspended from the ceiling by cords. The genuine leather cushion comes in a variety of patterns.]

luxury cat bed
luxury furniture for pets

[Atomo by Superfine is a unique geometrical designed pet bed constructed in raw steel and covered with transparent enamel. It contains a removable microfiber cushion. An LED on the top of the frame gives the furniture piece a subtle, relaxing lighting effect.]

{The Good Dog Pavilion by designers John Ruelas and Jeff Erlich was the third place winner at the 4th annual Barkitecture Houston. They incorporated a graphic sign, a row of columns and doggie footprints in to this creative dog house.]

cool doghouses
unique cat house

[Kokon Kennel was a creation by French designers Pousse Creative. What was so unique about this ingenious pet house, aside from its contemporary shape, is that it doubled as a planter.]

[MOD Dog Sofa was a modern yet super comfortable checkered dog sofa by modern.PET. Unfortunately MOD Dog Sofa is no longer in production. ]

contemporary dog sofa
mid century modern doghouse

[The 1st place winner at the 2012 Barkitecture Houstoncontest was the chic Le Dog Hausss by RdLR Architecture. This colorful, luxury dog suite was fashioned after Le Corbusier's mid century modern 'Villa Savoye'.] 

[Elegant design, check. Beautiful wood finish, check. Ample surface space, check. Hand carved crawling tunnels, check! The CATable has it all. This functional table/luxurycat furniture is the creative work of Hong Kong's Hao Ruan.]

luxury cat furniture
luxury indoor doghouse

[Geodog is anotherhybrid piece of furniture which functions both as an indoor doghouse and an end table. It features an acrylic stone shell in black or white and a plush vinyl upholstered interior available in a variety of colors.]

[The famous Bobby Gorgeous models Unleashed Studio's Lifeguard Doghouse "04". This incredibly cute doghouse was inspired by the beaches of Hawaii, where it was produced. It is expected to soon be available to the market through Ultra Modern Pet.]

unique outdoor beach doghouse
minimalist doghouse

[Larvik is a minimalist creation by South Korean designer Bad Marlon. This geometric piece of modern dog furniture can be used as either an indoor or outdoor doghouse. It's creatively designed windows allow dogs a view from all sides while also allowing for an abundance ofairflow.] 

 [The One is a luxury cat tree by the designers of Kratzbaum. There are openings through the entire tower offering cats plenty of space for adventurous play. This high end high rise also features several sleeping quarters and scratching walls. And most importantly, it looks stunning.]

luxury cat trees
mid century dog bed

 [David Neighbor formed Pre-Fab Pets in 2007 as a design company specializing in mid century modern pet furniture. His favorite piece, Bent, was based on the bent plywood designs of mid century icons Charles and Ray Eames.]

{Pup Tent was designed by Slade Architecture. The cone shaped pet habitant is formed from multiple layers of sanded then laminated plywood, featuring a ribbed interior stack effect and a "sky light" opening at the top.]

luxury doghouse
luxury cat bed

 [Cat Capsule was created by French designer Christian Ghion. This chic, ultra modern cat bed sports a glossy white acrylic frame, chrome base and luxurious faux fur resting bed.}

 [Abstract is a unique dog bed which looks as though it could belong in a modern art museum. This is one of the many pieces of ultra modern pet furniture created by Cool Pet.]

modernist dog bed
mid century modern pet house

[This mid century modern pet house dubbed Architectura, was designed by Pre-Fab Pets in inspiration of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Its sharp lines and sleek, minimalist shape are reminiscent of classic modernism.]

[Petmood's Tavolato is a high end hybrid between a designer dog bed and contemporary coffee table. It's creative fusion of wood and steel offers a an elegant, stylish and ultra unique approach to common pet furniture.]

high end furniture for pets
cool outdoor doghouse

[For those lovers of minimalism and Scandinavian design, Cromo by design group Forma Italia, is your perfect find. It comes is 2 color options, white/blue or blue/red. Cromo is modern luxury at its finest.]

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