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[Labyrinth Aquarium is arguably one of the most astonishing fish tanks on the planet. It almost looks as though it were made for hamsters rather than fish. It's coolness comes with a price though, $6,500 to be exact. But for those who can afford it, this is one amazing aquarium.]

ultra modern aquarium
modern fish tank

[Giona Aquarium is a highly original design by Alessandra Baldereshi. This beautiful art piece is made from handblown glass. It's fun design will make your goldfish look like he's swimming in the belly of a whale.]

[World Trip is a glass goldfish basin created by Japanese designer Takuro Yamamoto. Formed in the shape of a world map, this unique aquarium allows goldfish the chance to voyage through the 7 seas.]

unique fish tank
jellyfish aquarium

[Jellyfish are becoming very popular among those looking for the exotic pet. Pulse 80 jellyfish aquarium by Cubic not only provides a home for these beautiful creatures, but it does it in style with it's sleek acrylic shell and LED lights casting a radiant glow on the jellyfish.]

[Aquarius Building is an interwoven mesh of glass and metal which doubles as both an elegant fish tanks as well as an artistic work of modern art. This beautiful piece is the work of designer Vanessa Mitrani.]

designer fish tank
modern fish tanks

[The geometric Umbra Fish Hotel is a modern upgrade to the boring fish bowl. This stylish little condo-inspired fish tank features a stackable design and is perfect for a space-limited office or home.]

[If you're one who needs privacy when using the toilet then this aquarium is not for you. Because you will have an audience, as yes those are real fish. The Fish n'Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium by California based AquaOne is definitely one of the more creative aquariums out there.]

creative fish tank
biorb fish tank

[Biorb Life is is one of the most popular contemporary fish tanks on the market. It comes in several different sizes and colors to match any decor. It's suitable for goldfish or small temperate fish.]

[Fishscape is a stylish little designer fish bowl created by Aruliden. It's handmade from blown glass forming the landscape of a mountain range in the interior. It can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water.]

luxury fish bowl
table aquarium

[Aquarium End Table is a creative fusion of furniture and fish tank. It features a 15 gallon aquarium set inside a transparent end table. And the company also produces a matching Aquarium Coffee Table.] 

[Aquavista's Clock Aquarium is the world's first clock which doubles as a cool aquatic home for better fish. It's constructed with shatter-proof plastic and precise quartz clock movement. And weighing only 11 lbs. when full, it can be hung virtually anywhere.]

cool aquarium
aquaponics aquarium

[For aquaponics enthusiasts, Canadian start-up Brio came out with one of the most modern aquaponics systems on the market. The Brio aquaponics system is based on a natural eco system where the fish waste feeds the plants, which intern filter the water for the fish.]

[Swedish designer Charles Törnros and his design team, Norrom  decided to create a fish tank that incorated the classic elements of Scandinavian design. The result was a beautiful, modern, minimalistic, and customizable home aquarium.]

scandinavian fish tank
luxury aquariums

[This is one of many creative fish tanks designed by Haruka Misawa of Japan. He views his aquariums not merely as habitats for fish, but as works of art, poetic spaces and forms. We agree, they're as artistic as they beautiful.]

[Red Sea's Max s-Series is a 150 gallon modern saltwater aquarium for those who want to experience the luxury and beauty of having a large aquatic reef in their own home.] 

luxury home aquarium
wall mounted aquarium

[The Piquarium is a luxury wall mounted aquarium. These modern fish tanks are highly customizable allowing you to choose from dozens of creative frame designs.} 

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